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Routine maintenance, repairs & ARC renewal is available for most light aircraft types including:

  • Piper singles & twins

  • Cessna singles & twins

  • Robin DR400 specialists

  • DeHavilland singles & twins

  • Diamond singles & twins

  • Cirrus specialists

  • Extra specialists

  • Grob specialists

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We are an authorised Diamond, Austro Engine & Thielert Engine service centre. We are happy to provide local transportation & aircraft positioning services. 


Over 40 years of complex repair experience, EASA Part-145 & BCAR A8-23 (M1) approved for complex repairs to all types of structures:

  • Approved Insurance repairer

  • AOG priority service

  • Damaged aircraft recovery

  • Composite repair specialists

  • Wood & fabric aircraft repairs

  • Metal aircraft repairs

We are authorised to carry out Diamond & Cirrus complex composite repairs. We are an authorised Diamond, Austro Engine & Thielert Engine service centre.  

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Flight Composites offers unlimited Part-145 & BCAR A8-23 (M1) approved repair services for aircraft components:

  • C4 Doors & Windows

  • C8 Flight Controls

  • C9 Fuel

  • C14 Landing Gear

  • C19 Windows

  • C20 Structural

Component repair-exchange & AOG priority services are available, please contact us for details.