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New Airworthiness Directive for all original Ventus c, cT, cM owners

Howard Jones


EASA AD 2019-0079 calls for inspection/replacement of the airbrake components in the wing root.

Schempp-Hirth TN 349-41 / 825-56 refers, with associated Working Instruction.
The airbrake funnels must be replaced within 1 year from 17th April 2019

EASA AD 2019-0079
S-H TN 349-41 / 825-56 & WI to TN 349-41 / 825-56 both available from S-H website (registration required)

Tatty Cobra?

Howard Jones


Twenty years old

This cobra trailer has just had the lid refinished with remarkable results...

As we all know, the top surface of our trailers can really suffer from long days exposed to the sun and all kinds of inclement weather. The end result is a powdery paint surface that is pitted and gets mouldy and dirty very easily. A surface that no longer responds well to polish.

We have now developed a new process that restores the weathered paint of the Cobra trailer lid to a beautiful shine. We hope to be offering this restoration service to our customers soon. If you are interested, then please get in touch. T_ 01488 71774